What are the different ty…

What are the different ty…

We all know that, whenever anyone plans to tow any kind of trailer, he or she would need to opt for a towbar. Towbars co…

We all know that, whenever anyone plans to tow any kind of trailer, he or she would need to opt for a towbar. Towbars come in different kinds of sizes, shapes and weight classes. This makes it extremely hard for individuals to know exactly which towbar is ideal for them and what they will be towing. People can have four styles of towbars to choose from. The actual choice of towbar depends on the kind of vehicle one possesses.
Let us briefly discuss the different types of towbars available. They include:

  • Horizontal Hitch:

This is a type of towbar, mainly designed for pulling heavily loaded vehicles. It makes use of a square tongue, which gets connected to the receiver of the hitch. This comes up in two different sizes, 40mm and 50mm. The 40mm-sized horizontal hitch towbar is useful for towing loads of medium sizes, while the 50mm ones help to tow heavy-duty vehicles. This towbar has compatibility with a hitch to level-up the load.

  • Towbar With Flat Tongue:

One can use this particular type in lighter towbar classes. As far as the feature is concerned, it has a tow ball that can be detached and gets fit inside a horizontal slot present on the towbar. The flat tongue of the towball gets secured by making use of two large bolts right through to the top of the hitch.

  • Rear Step Towbars:

These towbars are usually designed for usage on four-wheel-drive vehicles. This towbar slightly protrudes itself further away from the back end of the vehicle, to which a rear step gets fitted. The ground clearance of these towbars happens to be much better compared to any normal towbar and hence, they are more suitable for off-roading.


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